Refill Program

Sweet Tea Candle Co. now has a refill program! Refilling your used candle jars not only helps you (and us) be more eco-friendly, but it also offers a significant cost savings for you, our customer. Just drop off your empty candle jars from Sweet Tea Candle Co. at our shop, and we will refill them for you. Before dropping off, please remove the wick and as much wax residue as possible. We recommend that you leave the labels on. Provide us your contact information, and we will reach out when your refilled jars are ready to pick up. Special launch pricing for the refill program is $10 per 8 oz. jar. (Price subject to change.) We currently only refill candles originally made by Sweet Tea Candle Co. Have another candle vessel that you would like to have refilled? Check our website and Instagram for BYOV (Bring Your Own Vessel) workshops coming soon.