Why We Love Amber Glass

Why We Love Amber Glass

As if you need a reason, we’re giving you not just one, but three reasons to love amber glass!

It looks amazing! It’s on your Instagram feed and on all of your favorite home decor Pinterest boards, and there are plenty of reasons why. From vintage apothecary bottles to growlers and vases, a good amber glass piece goes a long way in bringing warmth to your home. Pair several together and you’ve got yourself a collection of amber glass perfect for a table centerpiece. Bring that same feel to your kitchen by adding an amber glass soap pump beside your kitchen sink. And don’t forget our own signature candles in amber brown jars. They’re eye-catching, and they smell amazing!

It’s eco-friendly. Because it’s functional and looks great, amber glass is perfect for repurposing. Take your used candle jar, clean it out with warm soapy water and use it as a container for a cute succulent plant. Don’t have a green thumb? Use it as a pen holder on your desk or to catch spare change and trinkets on a nightstand or dresser. When you’re finished with your amber glass, don’t forget to recycle it. Did you know that glass is one of the easiest and most efficient products to recycle? It’s almost infinitely recyclable because, unlike plastics, it does not weaken or lose strength during the recycling process. So, it can be used again and again and again.

It filters out harmful UV rays. Just like the sun’s UV rays can damage our skin, they can also adversely effect the natural ingredients in our products. This is why at Sweet Tea Candle Co., we prefer NOT to pour our candles in clear glass containers. Light can not only discolor soy wax, but it can also lessen the strength of the fragrance oils used to scent candles. Amber is one of the best glass colors for filtering UV rays making it one of our favorite choices for candle vessels.

Be sure to stock up on our amber glass candles for fall. Honey Pear Cider, Tennessee Whiskey, and Pomegranate Mandarin are some of our favorites. What are yours?



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