Fall's Top 5 Trending Fragrance Profiles

Fall's Top 5 Trending Fragrance Profiles

What are this year's trending fragrances for fall? We’ve compiled our top 5 faves with suggestions for candles that make the most of these scent profiles.

  1. Honey- Honey is everywhere these days. It doesn’t only provide sweetness, but it adds a touch of warmth and can accentuate woodsy, floral, and herbal notes in combination with other fragrances. We pair our honey with autumnal pear to create the Honey Pear Cider candle. It’s the perfect crisp, fall scent for anyone who loves fruit forward fragrances.

  1. Woods- Think falling leaves, cedar, flannel shirts, and campfires. We love a good woodsy candle, and our Ring of Fire does not disappoint!

  1. Tobacco- Not your grandpa’s tobacco, today’s tobacco fragrances are increasingly complex with notes of tonka, vanilla, sandalwood, and amber. Our Sweet Tobacco candle is clean yet bold and fills up a space like none other!

  1. Whiskey- The boozy caramel and vanilla notes of whiskey are definitely intoxicating, and it’s no wonder it’s a top fragrance for fall. We pair Tennessee whiskey with pumpkin spice to create our Jack O’Lantern candle. It will give you all the fall feels!

  1. White Pumpkin- A recent twist on the pumpkin spice craze, white pumpkin is WHITE HOT these days! Our White Pumpkin Chai candle combines exotic chai with a pumpkin spice blend in a creamy vanilla base. And, it's gold accented packaging will give your favorite space a little extra shine!



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